Glory Whisky Highball will be on PRE-SALE!

SAKURAO Brewery & Distillery Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Koichiro Shirai) announces Glory Whisky Highball will be on pre-sale.

Glory Whisky Highball, which was inspired by Glory Whisky, has a strong taste of whisky and refreshing taste with a hint of peat. You can enjoy this Hiroshima limited released highball, while watching baseball games, on the way back from sightseeing or business trip to relax and heal your mood and tiredness.

SAKURAO Brewery and Distillery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1918. We have been manufacturing whiskies since that time and our distillation technique has been passed down through the generations. ‘Glory Whisky’ was one of the whisky brands we had, and it had evolved with the people of Hiroshima for a long time.
‘Glory Whisky Highball’ was inspired by ‘Glory Whisky.’
Until now, from now, with the people of Hiroshima.