A word from the president

Our philosophy is to “continue to promote the enjoyment of cuisine through the utilization of fermentation technology and local resources.” Since our establishment in 1918, we have now grown to produce a variety of fine liquors such as whisky, gin, and sake.

Although our records indicate that we have been producing whisky since the very start, when we were planning the construction of the SAKURAO DISTILLERY, all the manufacture of our whisky was suspended and there were no employees who possessed the required skills and knowledge. Therefore, the production of whiskies and white spirits at the SAKURAO DISTILLERY started completely from scratch.

Our first goal was to form a project team that would visit overseas distilleries and learn about the culture, history, and sense of values related to the production of Western-style liquor. While considering the significance of our company’s production of whiskies and white spirits and the ways that we would be able to contribute to the market, we finally achieved the ideal form for the SAKURAO DISTILLERY and whiskies and white spirits we wanted to produce.

We are aim to establish and expand sales channels and to continue on our quest to maximize quality and deliver better products to our customers.