Announcing the New Product: Chuhi CAN PAIR CLASSIC DRY

SAKURAO Brewery & Distillery Co., Ltd. (President and CEO Koichiro Shirai) is pleased to announce the official release of “Chuhi CAN PAIR CLASSIC DRY”, will be released from April 15th, 2024.

■What’s “CAN PAIR”?
In 1984, during the era of the ‘Bubble Economy,’ it was released as the second fastest product in the Chuhi industry at the time. Many people in Hiroshima enjoyed it!

■So that’s why we recommend “CAN PAIR”.
40 years have passed since Chuhi first appeared in the market. While there are now many brands available, we encourage you all to try it because we are relaunching our old-school “CAN PAIR”!

■Wondering how it tastes?
Well, it features a subtle sweetness and a refreshing aftertaste, making it great with your meal!
Enjoy the nostalgic taste of our classic dry Chuhi, “CAN PAIR”!

It has this nostalgic flavor that takes you back to the good old days in Hiroshima.
Both those who have tried it before and those who haven’t yet, CAN PAIR it with your casual meal!

■Reference Retail Price
: JPY 150(with tax)
■Release Date
: 2023.4.15
: 350ml
■Alcohol Contents
: 6%