“Battle of Red Sake Sparkling vs White Sake Sparkling” is launched

“A good moment over a glass of fine Sake with family or friends” is our concept for this set and “Battle of Red Sake Sparkling vs White Sake Sparkling (inspired by Japanese traditional TV program “Red vs White Singing Contest” on New Year’ Eve annually)” is the theme of it.
The highlight of this product is free-gifted “Sugoroku (Japanese traditional board game)”, you can enjoy it while drinking Ichidai Misen Sparkling.

In addition to the “Ichidai Misen Sparkling Sake” based on the concept of toasting before enjoying Japanese cuisine, this set also includes two exclusive and unique sake.
“Ichidai Misen Sparkling Rosé 375ml”, for that special yeast that dyes sake into red is used, and “Ichidai Misen Sparkling White Wine Cask Finish 375ml,” which is blended Shinshu (new seasonal sake) with white wine cask aged sake.