a word from the president


Our brewers’ skills and attention to fine detail give birth to good sake.

Alcohol is not merely a beverage. It enriches lives like a good friend, letting us kick back and relax. They are a「culture」in itself.
Since our establishment as a brewer of many alcohols, such as sake, shochu, and whiskey, we have devoted ourselves to constant improvement to make our own imprint in this culture.

Born from years and years of the traditional harvesting and fermenting process, alcohols are a gift from nature.
Brewers make alcohols with delicate tastes and flavors by polishing the five senses, including taste, and exerting their utmost skills.

With these blessing from nature combined with our brewers’ sensitivity, traditional skills, and the spirit to challenge old ways, we make alcohols.
Some things must not change.
Others must be challenged.
Only a balanced mix of these will give birth to satisfactory alcohols.

As the environment surrounded the society and people’s lives change, so do the technologies and methods around making alcohol.
We have produced「Hakosake Ichidai」, which is sold in a ground-breaking paper container – never had alcohol been sold like this before.
Our pioneering spirit is our foundation.

With our global perspective and passion to provide attractive products and high-quality services that meet contemporary demand, we hope to be a company that contributes to society and challenge ourselves to break barriers and create new ways of enjoying alcohol.